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Application types


This section describes the most common applications (purposes) that cemetery technologies have been designed to fulfil, and links to all the example technologies that belong to each type.

A single cemetery technology can have multiple application types. For example, a cemetery's official mobile app may serve as a Cemetery map, a Navigation aid and a Grave directory service.

Technical components


This section details some of the distinctive technical components used in cemetery technologies. Each page lists all the technologies in the Encyclopedia that use the relevant component.

Most cemetery technologies use more than one category of technical components. For example, a cemetery audio tour app might use Audio recordings, GPS, a Mobile device and a Web map.

Target users


This section describes the primary user groups for which cemetery technologies are designed. Each page gives a brief description of the user group, and lists all the technologies in the Encyclopedia that use the relevant component.

A cemetery technology may have multiple target user groups. For example, a grave directory website may be of interest to Friends and relatives of deceased people and also to Researchers who have a professional or amateur interest in genealogy.

Development status


This section classifies the cemetery technologies into one of four stages of development: Design concept, Prototype, Live and Defunct. These labels reflect the current status of the technology as of the most recent update to the website (March 2021). Each page lists all the Encyclopedia entries that currently belong to that category.