The Encyclopedia of Cemetery Technology is a global map and directory of technologies that augment the experience of interacting with a cemetery. It was created by the DeathTech Research Team at the University of Melbourne as part of the Future Cemetery project, and is now open to contributions.

Recently Added Items

Virtual Salla World War II graveyard


A virtual reality environment that recreates the cemetery for German World War II soldiers near Salla, Finland. The real cemetery is in the border…

Graveyard Navigator


A mobile application that provides two forms of navigation assistance at a cemetery. First, the app allows the user to search for a deceased person by…

Automated Multimedia Device for Memorials

Automated Multimedia 1.png

A video display system designed to be installed at the foot of a grave and operated by remote control. The display panel is on an electrical lifting…

OpusXenta byondpro


Cloud-based cemetery management software that provides digital maps, deceased search, location guides and schedule information for visitors, as well…

Digital Heritage (Цифровое наследие)

Digital Heritage QR.jpg

"Cifrovoe nasledie" ("Digital Heritage") is a memorial site dedicated to preserving the lives of the deceased. Users can order the creation of an…